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Ministerial Required Training for 2022

Child Abuse Prevention Training / Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
This is an annual training to help keep our churches safe and follow best practices in these sensitive areas. By attending this training, we are fulfilling our requirements set by our Apostolic Assembly, federal, state and municipal laws.

Webinar Protocols:

  1. Attendee is able to watch this webinar at their own time.

  2. Please complete by January 30, 2023.

  3. Please note the three numbers that flash on the screen.​​​​

    1. The numbers are needed to complete registration.

  4. Training is $20 and non-refundable. ​

    1. Please be diligent that your training registration is accurate and correct.​

  5. If you do not have a ministerial license number​

    1. Please enter 0000​

Training Registration

By signing, I agree that I have watched the above video and diligently completed my ministerial continued education training. 

Thank you for taking your ministerial training.

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