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Ministerial Required Training for 2022

Child Abuse Prevention Training / Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
This is an annual training to help keep our churches safe and follow best practices in these sensitive areas. By attending this training, we are fulfilling our requirements set by our Apostolic Assembly, federal, state and municipal laws.

Webinar Protocols:

  1. Attendee must stay logged in from beginning until the end.

    1. Note: Your login is being tracked.

    2. Please register with a verified Zoom Account.

  2. Make sure you are in a good WIFI or phone signal area.

  3. There will be a 5-minute break half way through the training.

  4. This is not an interactive course so camera and microphone will be disabled.

  5. A digital certificate of competition will be sent to the email provided during registration.

We are not responsible for late registration which leads to technical issues. Refunds will not be issued upon user errors or absence.

Please register with diligence. 

Training Registration

Thank you for taking your ministerial training.

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